Bertrand & David


Bertrand, the French vigneron who fell in love with Soria

Bertrand began in the world of wine in the French region of Loira, following the family tradition. In 1999, he visited Soria for the first time and he found an area of wine-making tradition, which had barely explored the possibilities of this process, beyond homemade wines. However, the riverside area (Ribera) of Soria offered the treasures of old vines. Bertrand envisaged the potentiality of that area to make great wines, if the land was properly worked. So it was. His vision became a reality and his influence and methods spread throughout the Ribera del Duero of Soria; today, this region is known around the world thanks to its high-quality wines. The arrival of Bertrand was a small great revolution. As the poet Antonio Machado did during his period in Soria, Bertrand saw the virtue of the fields, which were hit by the harsh winter and the extreme climate; however, they hid an extraordinary potential.

After working in Atauta, in 2011 Bertrand founded Bodegas Antídoto, together with David Hernando.


David Hernando, proud of rural heritage

David had links with traditional wine-making and he took part in the production of family wine from a very young age.

He completed his studies as a technical agricultural engineer and oenologist. He met Bertrand on the weekends he spent in San Esteban de Gormaz. They worked together during a professional stage prior to their joint project. In April 2011, they inaugurated the winery Bodegas Antídoto.

David is, above all, a vine-grower; in fact, one of the main vine-growers of Bodegas Antídoto. And he is also a connoisseur of the entire area of influence of the winery, the villages and their people. He is proud of this rural heritage and the way in which they work, hand in hand with the vine-growers of the region. Whereas some people may think it would be crazy to coordinate the work of more than 700 plots, David sees a complex system, but very special and practically unique. Perhaps, a way of understanding life.


Roots and knowledge to work the land

All the people, men and women who work and sell grapes to Bodegas Antídoto, are part of this project in their own rights. They form an almost family network in which, their contribution and commitment are vital. They work under the baton of the conductors of this unique orchestra, but they provide knowledge of tradition, land and climate; an exchange of experiences that enriches our project. They work the land and the vineyards respectfully, as their ancestors did, with almost no mechanisation. This curious system of multi-plots is like a scattered puzzle of vineyards located in different areas. It requires having an extraordinary accuracy, in particular, during the grape harvest. The vine-growers, together with all the personnel of the winery, represent the essential human factor of Antídoto. And they support our raison d’être: the roots in a land with a special character, like our own wines.